Welcome To Beyond The Net

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, it means more to me than you know!

My name is Laura Shoopman and for my Social Media Marketing Class at Belmont University, we are to create a blog about something near and dear to our heart.

As a Division I college athlete, I have seen growth, struggles, unique experiences, and have faced many different challenges in my three (going on four) years. 

The goal of this blog is to give student athletes a platform to share their successes, failures, hard times, and triumphs. We want to show the whole picture of the college athlete experience. 

We are more than athletes, we have hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Who we are on the court does not define us off the court. Beyond The Net, we are more than our performance.

I am excited to go on this journey with you!

What to Expect

ONE Email Per Week

TWO Blogs Per Week

Daily Social Posts

How You Can Help!

This class is graded based on engagement. Not only the engagement and internet traffic that my site generates, but it is compared and graded on how my data stacks up against my classmates.

The #1 way you can help is by signing up for our email subscription!

The best way you can help me is to click, click, click! There are links throughout the site: to my social channels, articles, resources, and so forth. The more you click, the better I score.

Another way to support is to follow my social channels and engage with that content as much as you can. Likes and comments go a long way in this course!

Engagement Opportunities

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